Trained Raja Yoga teacher for All Ages Available to teach

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I am available to teach in studios, at homes, in parks and if offices,in the Bay Area and Philadelphia

I have experience teaching Adults and toddlers

Since yoga engages the body in the broadest range of movements, it is one of the most ideal disciplines to affective, productive learning. – Christine Ristuccia MS, CCC-SLP

I, Sarah Kolker, am proposing to teach a forty-five minute yoga class one to two days a week to preschool aged children at your location.  I am a certified Raja yoga teacher for adults and youth.  I am trained to facilitate the building of self-control and resilience through centering, breath work and movement.  Adults are always welcome to join my classes.

I look forward to engaging in a wide variety of movements each class.  “Movement engages the senses and stimulates the brain,” (Ristuccia).  We will do a series of warm ups each class including sun and moon salutations, varying each class.  We will learn postures as well as a large variety of other things.  We will learn animal names, as well as letters from the alphabet.  We will discuss trees and how we are feeling.

I will occasionally be using props such as Learn with Yoga ABC yoga cards for kids and stories of fun filled adventure in which we will use postures to learn the story.  The usage of age appropriate tales will help to increase calm and mental focus.  “Yoga is great exercise that helps to calm children, giving them greater focus and increased clarity,” (Karen Duggan, CEO of Playful Planet).  Playing, learning, and movement go hand in hand.

In return, I will receive the joy of teaching yoga to children, which includes a variety of benefits for them including:

  • Builds self esteem
  • Increases physical flexibility
  • Raises awareness of the importance of good health
  • Promotes effective techniques (such as breathing) for managing stress

I am grateful for the opportunity to teach and learn from a thriving toddler community!

Sarah Kolker

please email me for rates

I look forward to speaking with you


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